God Brought Me to the Right Place: The Impact of Teachers

I believe God brought me to the right place. ”

Sololo, Kenya

Tumaini Students are eager to learn.

Tumaini Students are eager to learn.

We [at Tumaini Academy] have done well. [For academic excellence] there are so many trophies we received. Those trophies are in my office to show that Tumaini is showing a good example to the rest of the schools in the area.” - Jacob Buru, Head Teacher, Tumaini Academy

Tumaini Academy works hard to ensure the children of this impoverished area get an excellent education. To do this, they recruit high caliber, dedicated teachers from all across Kenya.

However Sololo, where Tumaini Academy is located, is a hard place to live. It is hot and dry and is located far in the north of the country, just 4 kilometres from the Ethiopian border. Having enough water is a struggle.

Electrical power is solar generated. To North Americans, this might sound ideal – until you realize that the strength of the solar power is limited. This makes it difficult to operate a lot of modern appliances. Most people cook outside with firewood, making only enough for one meal since a refrigerator is a rarity.

Yet the teachers we interviewed last month were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about their work here. We wanted to know why, so we asked them, “Why come to this remote place to teach?”

Here is how they responded:

“I believe God brought me to the right place. This is where I was training to be. Because I was training to be in that school where Christianity is the foundation. A school where Christianity is the way to God.” – Pascal Orembe, Grade 8

“Just to be in Tumaini I am happy. They [students] make me proud.” – Lucy Nafula, Kindergarten

“My passion at Tumaini it is to nurture a difference which will come and help this land for some years to come.” – Titus Muendo, Grade 4

In addition to bringing academic excellence to the school, these teachers are also contributing to the community. They sing in the church worship choir and are active in other church activities. Tumaini teachers live in the community and are neighbors to parents of students.

Pascal gives an example. One day, his neighbor greeted him in halting English. This surprised Pascal, since he knew that this single mother had not received an education. Yet this mother is now learning English from her child, one of Pascal’s students. For Pascal, this demonstrates the broader impact he is making, not just in the classroom with his particular students, but in the community at large.

Teacher Pascal explains how God prepared him for teaching at Tumaini.

Teacher Pascal explains how God prepared him for teaching at Tumaini.

Since Tumaini’s founding in 2012, the community has come to value education in new ways. Some boys are allowed to stay in school instead of herding goats. And parents are extremely proud when their children receive academic honors.

The Head Teacher, Jacob, tell us, “Our community, they are really enjoying the service we are providing at the school. We have plenty of water. A majority of the kids are sponsored. They are getting their meals on time. Everything is valuable.”

These teachers are inspiring! Please remember to pray for them and for their students. You can be proud of your support of this school and the church that operates it.

Consider partnering with us by supporting these teachers.
A Teacher Sponsorship allows Tumaini to recruit highly qualified teachers from other parts of Kenya.


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