Building a Safe Place for Girls


For us to get a better future, our school needs to continue investing in infrastructure.”

Mpwapwa, Tanzania


Recently, ARDF has funded a lot of girl’s hostels - and with good reason! A hostel allows girls to continue their education, stopping the cycle of early marriage, childbirth, and chronic poverty. In Tanzania, girls want to attend secondary school! Educational opportunities have increased for girls in this country, however, there simply are not enough high schools. Many girls must travel great distances to get to class. This puts them at risk.

This video describes the need for a girls hostel in another area of Tanzania. This need was met by a 2016 grant to the Diocese of Tabora. The Diocese of Mpwapwa faces many of the same challenges.

The Anglican Diocese of Mpwapwa opened Queen Esther Girls Secondary School to educate local girls whose families couldn’t afford school fees. The school teaches academic subjects, and also instills self-discipline and moral values found in God’s Word. The school has 151 students, but has limited boarding rooms. Many female students must rent living space in town, leaving them vulnerable to peer pressure and exploitation.

A new ARDF project will build a dormitory to house 100 girls. There will also be a new science block and a library.

Like all ARDF projects, the local leaders are focusing on community support. One of the goals of the project is an awareness campaign to reach 500 additional community members about the importance of educating girls. Local community members will also be involved in the building project itself.

After completion, it is expected that students will score higher on their national exams. This will allow them to win a place at university.

Please join us by supporting this project, approved by the ARDF Global Council in 2017. Salome and others will be eternally grateful.

“I thank God for the opportunity [to] be at Queen Esther Girls Secondary School because many deserving girls are not in school. I am in 11th grade, having joined this school in 2015. This a good school and I love the teachers and the general environment. Our biggest challenge is having a good science laboratory/block. We need a good laboratory that will allow us to study and perform well in science subjects. Our school does not have a library and [the dormitories are] congested. For us to get a better future, our school needs to continue investing in infrastructure.”

– Salome Kobaletema, age 16


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