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ARDF strengthens communities in the developing world by empowering the local church.

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  • What is “Christian” about Christian International Development?

    ARDF Nepal Development

    What is the difference between Christian international development and “regular” or secular international development? ARDF posed this question to Dr. Stephen Offutt, Assistant Professor of Development Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr. Offutt explained that doing Christian development work allows us to “participate in the mission of God, of Kingdom building” in an intentional way […]

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  • “How on Earth do you forgive like this?”


    Egyptian Archbishop Speaks on the Role of Christians in Middle East By Jeff Walton (This article was first published here.) Anglican Archbishop Mouneer Anis was an Egyptian citizen like any other until soon after the Muslim Brotherhood took power in his home country of Egypt. A trained physician, Anis oversees a growing province of the Anglican […]

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  • “What saved the child’s life…was the closeness of the clinic”


    Medical care should not be a luxury. But in the region outside of Accra, Ghana, it was! Access to medical facilities was a primary barrier to improving the health of the residents of Ga South municipality in Ghana. But a new health clinic, built by the Anglican Diocese of Accra in partnership with ARDF is changing […]

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