Hurricane Florence Update

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Florence has moved on, but the danger remains.

North Carolina, USA


Hurricane Florence was a slow moving storm, pounding the Carolina coast with punishing winds, dangerous storm surges, and massive flooding. ARDF is keeping a close eye on the communities hit by the storm. Record amounts of rainfall have fallen.

As flood waters rise, your gift to ARDF offers tangible hope and help to those in need. You can help by giving much needed funds to ARDF. We distribute it the Anglican diocese in the areas most affected by the storm. The diocese prioritize the needs of the local communities and then distributes donations to those who need it the most. Funds are also used to purchase supplies and materials used by volunteer teams coming to help.

For Hurricane Florence Relief, we are partnering with the Diocese of the Carolinas. One of their parishes, Grace Anglican, is located in New Bern, NC. CNN has reported that “Over 4,300 homes in New Bern, North Carolina, were damaged or destroyed, and over 300 businesses suffered the same fate, according to City Manager Mark Stephens.”

As soon as it is possible, a team from St. Andrew’s Church (SC) will travel to New Bern to assess the damage and determine a response.

With your help, volunteer teams will be able to purchase the supplies and materials necessary to help victims of Florence.

You can donate to ARDF by mailing a check (with Hurricane Florence in the memo line) to:

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund, P.O. Box 645354, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5354

You can also donate online at this link.  

By supporting the local church through ARDF, leaders on the ground – in the neighborhood – are able to offer the love of Jesus through practical and spiritual help.

These leaders develop relationships that don’t end when the disaster does.

Stay tuned to for the latest news and the ways in which you can help. If you have any questions, please contact us at ARDF is also keeping a list of individuals and parishes that wish to help. If you send us your details, we will put you in touch with those on the ground once the assessments are made.


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