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 Mozambique Cyclones Idai & Kenneth 2019

Tropical Cyclone Idai left countless victims without necessary supplies or shelter, and many now face diseases such as cholera. Cyclone Kenneth followed a month later, bringing even more rains than Idai. With devastation spanning the country of Mozambique and into Malawi and Zimbabwe, volunteers have been hard at work with relief efforts.


Rescuers struggle to reach areas that have been cut off by flood waters.

Rescuers struggle to reach areas that have been cut off by flood waters.


Entire villages have been swept away, hundreds of thousands of people are homeless, and survivors are wading through water or stranded in trees.


Your donation goes to pay for supplies the volunteer relief teams will hand out to victims.

Call to Action April 2019

Emergency assistance is needed in what people are calling South Africa’s worst natural disaster. After such devastation, it often takes weeks to realize the full impact of the storm.

New consequences are coming to the forefront, such as the outbreak of disease, and even after the immediate needs are met, rebuilding will be a long term effort.

The Rev. Dr. Dennis Tongoi, former International Director of CMS-Africa, has this to say about the effects of Cyclone Idai.

“This is an ongoing natural disaster whose impact shall be felt for years to come. The people of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi will need the participation of the international community not only to manage the immediate challenges of food, clean water, and shelter but also the trauma and re-building of families and communities that have lost almost all their infrastructure.”

ARDF wants to be ready to offer resources so that assistance can be sent and rebuilding can begin. Your gift to the local church through ARDF helps to make this possible. With your help, we can respond quickly!

Thank you to all of our generous donors who have given - and continue to give - providing tangible hope to those affected by this disaster.

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