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Hurricane Florence 2018

On September 14 & 15, Hurricane Florence came across North Carolina, bringing rain and flooding to many communities in the Eastern part of the state. Anglican churches across the country are reaching out to help with volunteers, supplies, and funds for relief efforts. You can support them by contributing to their efforts.


(many still evacuated from their homes, facing widescale damage due to flooding, facing food shortages, etc.)

PARTNERS: Diocese of the Carolinas, Diocese of Christ our Hope, Diocese of South Carolina


Your donation goes to pay for supplies the volunteer relief teams need in order to help with the rebuilding efforts.

Call to Action September 2018

Help Spread the Word!

As Hurricane Florence makes landfall along the Carolinas, communities are preparing for the worst. Many have been evacuated inland.

With help from you, local churches on the ground are in position to reach out to their neighbors.

Many Anglican dioceses have communities that were damaged in the storm. The Diocese of the Carolinas sustained the most damage and they will coordinate Anglican efforts on the ground.

Read about what local Anglican churches are doing to reach out to their neighbors.

After the storm, it often takes weeks to access the damage to a community – and even longer to begin rebuilding. When volunteers are ready to go, we at ARDF want to be able to immediately offer resources so that rebuilding can get underway.

Last year, generous ARDF donors “flooded” ARDF with funds to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Now, the opportunity is here to once again enable the local church to reach out to their neighbors. The church is already there, embedded in the community. It is often in the best position to quickly assess damages and determine who and where has the most needs.

With your help, we can respond quickly!

Thank you to all of our generous donors who have given - and continue to give - to the local church through ARDF.





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