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New School Unlocks Barriers to Girls’ Education

My husband left me with five kids when he died in 2009. I have been keeping them by myself with [a] little help from Bishop John of Anglican Rorya. My family experienced drought last year and we didn’t harvest anything from our two acres farm. We thank Diocese of Rorya for providing us with 50 kilograms of maize harvested from their Ryagoro farm. My family can now at least eat corn and have porridge.
— Mrs. Luanda Simbiri Ndira, Diocese of Rorya, Tanzania, explaining the importance of the church in the community.




For $1,866 you paid to clear the land for the school.

For $5,700 you supplied the water for the new school.

For $14,906 you put the roof on the new school.


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The Mara region is one of the poorest in Tanzania. Although educational opportunities have expanded for a large number of students, many of Tanzania’s poorest students, like in Mara, are still unable to attend school. Women are married at an average age of 13 years and have children while they are still young.

Additionally, in these remote and rural areas, there are few quality secondary schools. Those that exist are often poorly equipped with resources and lack qualified personnel.

The Anglican Diocese of Rorya will construct the first phase of Nyang’ombe girls secondary school, which will accommodate 150 students. The project includes constructing four classrooms, a library, laboratory, and computer lab. The new school will provide a quality and affordable education for girls in Nyang’ombe, Rorya.

In addition to the 150 girls now able to attend school, 350 community members will benefit from the project as the new secondary school becomes a venue for community meetings and other activities.

The Diocese of Rorya has a strong track record in education, evangelism, and holistic development. They are known for helping the community in a variety of ways and have the community's support.

Funds will cover the cost of construction, equipment for three laboratory rooms, the hostel rooms, and the library. Evening Bible study will encourage the girls to develop good character and reduce their vulnerability to negative influences.

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