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New Classrooms allow Students to Grow Academically and Spiritually

We are blessed to have a Christian-based school that teaches our children the fear of the Lord. This will keep our children away from the dangers of the world. Many of you are aware that many children are out of school, either due to lack of school or no one helping them to keep them in school. Good Shepherd Academy will help us raise our children in the knowledge of God. Now that God has provided us with Good Shepherd Academy, let’s keep our children in school.
— Biar Kuei, Chairman, Parents Teachers Association, Good Shepherd Academy, Juba, South Sudan
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For $4,315 you can provide the windows and doors for the four new classrooms.

For $5,000 you can provide the the student desks, benches, and other furniture.

For $13,329 you can pay for the roofing materials.


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Years of civil war have disrupted all sectors of development in South Sudan and destroyed the few schools that existed. In South Sudan, young boys ages 14-16 are often used as child soldiers, while young girls are forced into early marriage. Young girls are more likely to die while pregnant or in childbirth than to graduate from primary school. About 70 percent of children ages 6-17 have never set foot in a classroom and the few schools that do exist have poor infrastructure.

To effectively meet the increasing need for education in South Sudan, Good Shepherd Academy, an Anglican-based school in Juba, will build four new classrooms to accommodate an additional 160 students.

Good Shepherd Academy was founded in 2013 to provide an affordable and quality Christian education, with a commitment for emergency education to the displaced children in Juba and beyond. Currently, there are 316 students at the school, ages 3 to 14.

The enlarged facility will provide an affordable and quality Christian-based education, with priority given to marginalized and vulnerable children in Juba. The school will nurture their full potential and ability in an environment where faith in Christ and cultural integration are realized.

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