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Walk with Rwanda is bringing sustainability to the Anglican Church in Rwanda by raising funds to build an office building in downtown Kigali on church land

Jesus made a miracle in my life and my heart that I was able to be reconciled with God and got the strength to forgive. That’s where I found the strength and willingness to make people know that even after genocide there still life and hope for the church. I say this because the church has really been so important with sharing the gospel even in prisons; in prisons here in Rwanda there are many genocide offenders and the church played a big role to reach out to them and know that even after genocide, Jesus is able to forgive them.
— Pastor Stephen Gahigi, genocide survivor
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ANTICIPATED LIVES IMPACTED: The 1.1M members of the Anglican Church in Rwanda



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Walk with Rwanda joined the ARDF Family in 2016

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An office building in downtown Kigali will provide income for the church to pursue ministry

Archbishop Rwaje has a goal and a plan for the Anglican Church of Rwanda to become financially self-sustaining. This goal is achievable through the Walk with Rwanda capital campaign. We are raising seed money to fund Rwandan Anglican Capital Investments (RACI), a company fully owned by the Anglican Church of Rwanda. This will enable the church to develop current and future assets, providing an income stream for the church.  

RACI is an investment company created by the Anglican Church of Rwanda to provide a legal structure for its investments. RACI invests the church's resources, such as equity and valuable land assets, to create a long-term revenue stream, supporting its essential gospel work in Rwanda.

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