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The church expands a local preschool to give more children access to quality, Christian education.

I live near the school, and [my older daughter] attended the Pepe Preschool. Children who have attended this preschool are always welcome in primary schools because this has a good reputation of giving a good foundation to the children. I am very pleased with my daughter’s progress.
— Silvia Beatriz Bareiro
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ANTICIPATED LIVES IMPACTED: 120 and counting as students and their families reap the benefit of a Christian education.



For $2,688 you brought electricity to the school.

For $3,876 you provided skylights for the building.

For $8,143 you paid for new flooring.


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Zeballos Cue is a poor, densely populated urban neighborhood in Paraguay’s capital of Asunción. Despite a large population of school -aged children, there are only three schools to serve them all. For this project Redeemer Anglican Church built a new facility that doubled the existing enrollment of children at the Escuela Pepe Semillita (Pepe Semillita Preschool).

The school was founded in 2008, and the existing classrooms were dilapidated and prone to flooding during the raining season. Although the preschool has offered limited services for the first eight years, it now has the support of the Paraguayan Anglican Church, which has expertise in education and has offered financial support until the school becomes self-sustaining.

Now the building is complete! Forty-six students are enrolled and receiving a Christian education. They are learning Christian values and are gaining a better understanding of the Christian faith while also stimulating their minds for future learning.

The next stage of the project will serve the broader community by hosting an adult education program for parents and a Saturday Bible study club with a free lunch for local children. Youth from the local church will volunteer for this program.

On Sundays, the church will use the classrooms for Sunday school. More than a preschool, these spaces will be a community center bringing people together in the name of Christ.

This is just the beginning of bigger plans as the church plans to build an additional classroom each year. This will allow the school to accommodate older students each year, growing from a pre-school into a full primary school with students up to the 9th grade.

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