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Vocational School in Giza Equips Vulnerable Youth

Before training and working at Vocational Technical Center, I used to come to Cairo aiming [to leave] my wife and children back at Benisweif, my home town. Having regular work made me able to rent a place, with the help of my father, and now we all live together.
— Michael Adel, a 38-year-old metal-worker assistant at the Vocational Technical School
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For $6,969 you covered the training costs for the technical training on beadwork, clothing, and artwork.

For $9,534 you covered the training costs for the technical training for electricians.

For $11,222 you provided the business loans to students who complete the course.


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Egypt’s young population has continued to grow faster than the job market. Such demographic pressure increases the demand for jobs and the private sector has not been able to keep pace. Little attention has been paid to the poor areas of Giza, the third largest city in Egypt.

In Giza, 34.6 percent of people are unemployed. Being unemployed, people can fall into violence, fanaticism, and drugs. In this project, Vocational Technical Center in Giza expands its offerings by targeting a new group of young people in need of vocational training. These are students who have some technical skills, but do not qualify for a university education.

The Vocational Training Center, which is operated by the Diocese of Egypt, will enroll 144 students, both male and female, between the ages of 16 to 30. The students will have some technical skills, but not enough to gain employment. The program offers training in six core vocations: accessories (earrings, bracelets, bags) and quilting; tailoring and dressmaking; plumbing; air-conditioning; painting; and electrical work.

Clothing and artwork created by the students will be sold at the Diocese of Egypt’s Wady Shop. Part of the income is rolled back to support ministry to the deaf and vulnerable youth served by the diocese. In the last three years, Vocational Technical Center has been able to cover its full business costs and expects to be able to cover its training costs in two years.

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