Powerful Partnerships. Transforming Our World.

Strengthening communities in the developing world by empowering the local church.


An effective development model

Assess. Partner. Transform.

Through ARDF, you empower leaders working with Anglican Churches around the globe. Your dollars go only to projects that have been desired, developed, and designed by the local community and every project proposal undergoes thorough research by an independent third-party to ensure that it will be effective and sustainable over the long term.

ARDF is committed to generously reflecting the Love of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
— Archbishop Foley Beach, Anglican Church in North America

The Anglican Church in Action

With more than 80 million Anglicans worldwide, we are a powerful community that can make a big difference in the world. 


Accountability is Critical

All projects have local and regional oversight within the Anglican Church.


In-Depth Analysis for Every Project

Only projects that have a high probability of success get funded.


Track Growth and Report Back

We are accountable to you, making sure that every dollar is spent on what it was allocated towards.


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Our Impact Speaks for Itself

Millions of people are benefitting from the work of ARDF in 36 countries. Because ARDF partners with local churches on the ground, you see tremendous fruit from the projects we invest in.

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Current Projects: