What to Do When Disaster Strikes


“How to Help in Domestic Disasters”

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2016 flooding in Louisiana

2016 flooding in Louisiana

Disasters can happen anywhere and to anyone.

What do you do when disaster strikes close to home? How can you get the help you need? While the Anglican Relief and Development Fund was created mostly to meet international needs, we can respond to large-scale domestic disasters by working with a local diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. The local diocese serves as the intermediary to distribute donated funds to affected churches or individuals or to front-line responders.

Our experience has been that donors often want to respond immediately to major domestic disasters. ACNA churches want to be able to promptly tell their parishioners different ways to help.

So, if you are in an area affected by a natural disaster, what should you do to partner with ARDF?

Here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Contact your local rector, who can ask your bishop to approach ARDF about partnering.

  2. Send photographs, news links, and quotes from people on the ground to ARDF. This will help us share the need in a compelling manner.

  3. Consider different ways that fellow Anglicans can get involved in any rebuilding efforts, beyond simply donating money.

  4. Afterwards, share testimonies of how the body of Christ came together to serve.

ARDF has stood by churches offering relief to victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria (2017), the flooding in Louisiana (2016), the flooding in South Carolina (2015), the tornadoes in Oklahoma (2013), and the devastation of Hurricane Sandy (2012).  While we hope disasters won’t occur, we stand by to help ACNA churches in the future! Yet if we don’t know anyone on the ground, or have good intelligence from the field, we all may miss an opportunity to serve. This is where your involvement can really help.

We gratefully appreciate your partnership in this!


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