Making Girl's Education Possible


A New Boarding School Brings Hope to Girls

Wau, South Sudan

Danaseri Children at Kindergarten

Danaseri Children at Kindergarten

For girls living in South Sudan, getting an education is a challenge. Only one in ten girls completes their primary education. Poverty, insecurity, and early marriage all contribute to girls being unable to attend school in Wau state and other parts of South Sudan. The political situation in South Sudan remains complicated, but educating the next generation of girls is one way to work towards a better future for the country.

Most girls in Wau (in the Northwest of the country) are discouraged from going to school because the few schools are day schools located in remote places. The girls have to walk long distances, across an area where marauding armed thugs can easily rape or abduct the girls. For a long time, girls have also been hampered from attending school by a lack of government support, cultural practices that devalue girls’ education, and seasonal obstacles such as droughts and floods.

In order to stay in school, these girls need a place where they can be safe to learn and develop skills that better position them for success.

The Diocese of Wau, a trusted partner of ARDF, has begun constructing a secondary boarding school for girls. This will empower girls by offering them an affordable, quality education. When finished, the boarding school will accommodate 400 girls. In the first phase of construction, the diocese will construct space for 200 girls.

The expected impact of this project is to reach over 2,000 people including girls enrolling at the school and their family members. When girls succeed and become economically able to support their families, it is expected that community members will begin to value education for girls. And even before that outcome, the new school will bring increased economic opportunities for the community, demonstrating its value to the community at large.

To date, classroom blocks have been completed. The next phase involves a dormitory. And the church has already begun conducting community workshops to build awareness of the important of educating girls in the community.

Please pray that the project will continue unhindered and that by next year, 200 girls will have the opportunity to attend secondary school!


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