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Sololo, Kenya

Top students completing their final year at Tumaini in 2017.

Top students completing their final year at Tumaini in 2017.

It has been a month since students in Northern Kenya started a new school year. In Kenya, the school year begins in January, meaning that for many students, they are just beginning their high school education.

For graduates of Tumaini Academy in Sololo, Kenya, the opportunity to go to high school is a big deal. The Bishop of Marsabit, Daniel Wario Qampicha, knows that Sololo children can be strong students, despite coming from families of nomadic herdsmen. The difficulties the students face daily make them stronger and more disciplined.

In December 2017, the very first class of eighth-grade students graduated from Tumaini Academy, a school founded in 2011 and operated by the church in Marsabit, Kenya. Now having completed a year of high school, it is clear that these students are growing up to be very capable and excellent students. When the students returned over the Christmas break, Bishop Qampicha was impressed with their strong English skills. This confirmed the strong education they had received at Tumaini. At Tumaini, they were prepared to excel in high school.

Knowing their background, this may come as a surprise. But it demonstrates the power of a quality, Christian, education!

Last December, the next class graduated. These sixteen students have now gone on to high school in 2019, joining the 20 who entered high school in 2018.

Although high school is an incredible opportunity for these children, many don’t know what to expect. Kenyan High Schools are often boarding schools, so many will be living away from their families for the first time.

Fortunately, in late December, a party was held for the returning high school students, who met with the new graduates of Tumaini to discuss the experiences of their first year of high school. It was important, although hard, for the newly graduated to hear the description of boarding school life. The 2017 Tumaini graduates described the drug use and other unsavory behaviors of their fellow students. The new graduates were able to start school better prepared for what they might face.

Now that everyone is back at school, please join us in praying for these students to stay strong in their faith, to seek out others who can be friends and mentors, and to do well in their studies.

And stay tuned, as Kenya Christian Education Partnership and ARDF partner with the Diocese of Marsabit to bring a Christian high school to the area. In the future, Tumaini students will be able to continue a Christian education closer to home, in an environment that encourages students to continue walking with Jesus.


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