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Rigorous Evaluation is Built into our Development Model


We want to be generous. We see needs and we want to help, whether it is someone struggling to rebuild a home after a hurricane, or a child being denied access to education. It is almost always a personal story that tugs at our heart.

Years of civil war have made Amani a refugee and when he finally returns home, he finds his village in ruins. Is there any hope? Thanks to an ARDF grant, the answer is yes!

Yet at the same time, we want to be smart about where we help. We want to be sure that our efforts are making a difference and are not squandered. 

Often, we have no direct way to evaluate this. We are too far away, too unfamiliar with the local culture. 

However, ARDF does! Built into our model is rigorous evaluation. This is because we work through locals on the ground with whom we have a trusted relationship through the Anglican church. All reputable organizations evaluate their projects. But at ARDF, we combine evaluation with solid relationships. It is through relationships that lives are changed.

We start with places where the Anglican church has a strong presence. We ask local church leaders to identify the needs in their own community and to describe the plans they have to meet these needs.

They then submit an application to ARDF and we research the feasibility of the project. Not all applications get funded, and because we need to raise funds for each project approved, it might take some time for the project to be completed. 

However, because of this rigorous process, our projects inevitably have a meaningful impact. The local church is the implementer and they are there for the duration. So more than just providing clean water, agricultural training, or access to education, each project builds long term relationships and demonstrates how a relationship with Jesus fulfills the ultimate need.

When you partner with ARDF, you can trust that the money is going where it is directed - to well researched projects that meet a demonstrated need. Currently, 100% of funds donated to our development projects go to implementation.

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