Are We Still in Texas? Reports from ARDF's Global Leadership


“The Anglican Church is a global church.

Plano, TX

ARDF Global Meeting Participants, Christ Church, Plano, TX

ARDF Global Meeting Participants, Christ Church, Plano, TX

Last week in Plano TX, you would be forgiven for thinking that this Anglican Church gathering was a Global gathering and not a North American gathering!

This is because the Anglican Church is a global church. And with ARDF, you get a front row seat to all that God is doing through the local church all over the world.  This is especially true when the ARDF Global Leadership gathers for their annual meeting.

Last week, following ACNA’s Provincial Assembly, ARDF held its annual Global Council Meeting. We celebrated four completed projects, discussed strategy, and approved a few new projects. But the highlight of these meetings is always hearing the reports from our global leaders about what God is doing in their part of the world.

This time was no different.

From the Asian leadership, we heard the news that the Muslim population continues to grow. With booming birth rates, and money from the Middle East, it is easy to convince poor people to convert to Islam in exchange for material goods. As the balance tips even further towards a Muslim majority, Christians are increasingly challenged to grow through evangelism, discipleship, training, and church planting.

But it is not easy and the church needs your prayers.

From the African leadership, we heard a real desire to pursue self sufficiency.

In Rwanda, sufficiency is defined as the combination of Human Development and Economic Development. Archbishop Laurent Mbanda reported on three projects the church in Rwanda is undertaking to implement this strategy. We are especially excited about the launching of the renovated and expanded East African University in September 2019.

Meanwhile, the Anglican Church of Kenya is growing, following a vision of “wholesome ministry for wholesome mission.” With God’s help, wherever the church is, there will also be a church supported health clinic, farm, and school in order to meet the holistic needs of the Kenyan people.

The overall theme that emerged is that the church is always called to evangelize and disciple all in the context of serving.

ARDF is proud to partner with these leaders and those who are living out their calling by being “Jesus with skin on.”

Did you know that the Global Anglican Communion is the third largest denomination in the world?


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