Curious how your 2019 donations for relief were used?

Two powerful cyclones have devastated the southeastern coast of Africa.

Two powerful cyclones have devastated the southeastern coast of Africa.

Mozambique, South Carolina, Texas


Thank you for your support of ARDF Relief efforts. Here is an update on the recent relief efforts you helped fund.

Mozambique Cyclones

“We greatly appreciate that sacrifice that folks that side [of the world] have sacrificially made to assist the families affected with Cyclone Idai.” - Bishop Vicente Msosa, Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique

In April 2019, two powerful cyclones pummeled the southeastern coast of Africa. Entire villages were flooded and towns washed away. People with precious little to begin with were left with nothing.

The complete devastation made headlines only briefly in the US. Even so, generous individuals and churches across North America came to the aid of the church in Mozambique.

ARDF is partnering with the Diocese of Niassa (Mozambique) to deliver aid. We are still awaiting an update on relief efforts, but given the fragile infrastructure and the extent of the damage, we are not surprised. Bishop Vincent is currently visiting the [impacted] communities of Zambezia. He reports that one of the greatest needs is food as farmlands have been ruined. Stay tuned for future updates.

Crisis at the Border

“The refugees released by ICE and granted temporary legal status tell stories of the profound human need and desperation that led them to journey to the United States.”

Young asylum seeker gets ready for rest after her long journey.   Photo credit: Laurie Smith Photography

Young asylum seeker gets ready for rest after her long journey.

Photo credit: Laurie Smith Photography

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing from the northern triangle of Central America (Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala). The underlying factors influencing this exodus are complicated but can mostly be linked to gang violence, extortion, corruption, poverty, and disintegrated families. Upon crossing the border into the U.S., families turn themselves in to authorities and request the opportunity to seek asylum. Families are detained for a short period and, if they pass the first level of scrutiny, are released by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or Border Patrol, to proceed to their destination in the U.S. and await their immigration court hearing. Some are returned to Ciudad Juarez to await their hearings in Mexico. Asylum seekers are typically released into El Paso with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and without anywhere to stay. They usually do not have money even to make a phone call. They are in a situation ripe for exploitation and human trafficking.

ARDF sent $5,000 of general relief funds to Cuidad Nueva, an organization working with The Church of St. Clement to provide temporary housing for these families who have been processed and released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after seeking asylum. Learn more about what they are doing here.

Tornadoes in Alabama

In March 2019, a deadly series of Tornados ravaged areas of Alabama, including Lee County. Twenty three lives were lost and Sheriff Jay Jones told CNN that it seemed “"as if someone had taken a blade and just scraped the ground."

ARDF is partnering with the Diocese of the Gulf Atlantic and Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Opelika, AL to help those who have been affected by these violent storms.

Hurricane Florence Update

“It’s felt like years” - Sissy Owen, Conway, SC

After Hurricane Florence flooded Conway, SC, Sean Richardson, the youth minister at St. Paul’s Conway, SC, rode past Doug & Sissy Owen's house. He saw them in the yard and and they struck up a conversation. He asked if St. Paul's could help them with their recovery efforts from Hurricane Florence. Volunteers were able to help the Owen’s finish the repairs to their home - thanks to donations from ARDF and others. In June, the Owen’s moved back into their home. (Yes, repairing a home after a disaster event takes months!)

This story was featured on the local news to demonstrate the amount of work recovery can take - although without mentioning St. Paul’s.

Because of the love the St. Paul’s community showed them, Sissy and Doug have now joined St. Paul's Church.

Read earlier reports of how ARDF funds were spent on Florence relief here and here.

Sharing Stories of Partnership at ACNA’s Assembly

Are you inspired by the stories of Anglican Churches reaching out to their neighbors in times of need? Do you want your church community to be prepared for the next disaster? ARDF wants to help you. At the 2019 Provincial Assembly in Plano, TX, ARDF offered a workshop on just this topic. Here is the presentation with some helpful links.


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