Preschool education gets a thumbs up in Paraguay

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“A Good Foundation

Asunción, Paraguay

The Pepe Semillita Preschool has been expanded and now has a proper entrance.

The Pepe Semillita Preschool has been expanded and now has a proper entrance.

In Asunción, Paraguay, 70% of the population is school-age. But there are not enough schools, particularly in the poorer neighborhoods, like Zeballos Cue. Redeemer Anglican Church operates the Pepe Semillita preschool with a great reputation, but the school was small and the buildings were in need of serious repair.

This preschool had been in operation since 2008. It offers a Christian-based education, and the founder is a teacher with 18 years of experience. The Anglican Church also manages a large private school that was founded in 1963. 

In 2017, the church (with a grant from ARDF) rebuilt their old building and expanded the classrooms. Now, 46 children are enrolled, up from 16.

“I live near the school, and [my older daughter] attended the Pepe Preschool. Children who have attended this preschool are always welcome in primary schools because this has a good reputation of giving a good foundation to the children. I am very pleased with my daughter’s progress.” 

Silvia Beatriz Bareiro 

The facility will eventually serve the broader community by hosting an adult education program for parents, a Saturday Bible Club with a free lunch for local children, and other church activities. The church is currently working to complete of these other goals.

Restarting the program for students’ parents has proved difficult. Therefore, the school wants to improve this outreach to parents and has partnered with a Christian organization that provides training on personal finance and parenting matters. 

As for the Saturday Bible Club, past experience shows that 40 children is a reasonable expectation for the Saturday Bible Club. The pastor of the local church involved reports that he has a renovated team of teachers ready to offer the program. 

We look forward to hearing about the progress made towards these additional goals. In the meantime, we are grateful for the education being given to an expanded number of children in this poor, urban, area.


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