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“Christian Education as a Call From God

Recife, Brazil


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Sunday March 17, 2019

Kyria Souza has the responsibility for designing a curriculum based on Christian values that kids in the slums are unlikely to receive anywhere else.

Kyria volunteers at the House of Hope as the Director of Christian Education.

Kyria (middle) with her team at the House of Hope.

Kyria (middle) with her team at the House of Hope.

“I understand the Christian education as a call from God. That is why I am so willing to give the children the knowledge of God and [make] the link between scientific knowledge and the biblical principles of God.”

“At the House of Hope, we teach seven principles. Character, serenity, individuality, self-control, unity, stewardship, and discipline. And we link all of these principles into the planning of the curriculum.”

Even the youngest students receive training in these principles. For example, Kyria explains:

“If a child throws something on the floor or breaks something, we teach them the value of stewardship. That they shouldn’t throw their things on the ground and break their things but instead take care of them. They need to take care of the environment and all of the things that have been given to them. Just like Adam in the Bible; God asked him to take care of the entire world that he created.”

This might seem mainstream to those with children in a North American church preschool. But House of Hope is in the slums, and few children get an education, let alone one that teaches them about the character of God. Most of the children arrive with behavioral problems, due to the unstable nature of their home. At the House of Hope they find stability, constant love and affection, and the teachings of Jesus.

By transforming these children, Kyria’s hope is that families will be strengthened as well.

“My hope is that they can be agents of transformation in the community and everyone will see how and why they are different.”


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