Mirella and Marcella


“God’s Love is a Forever Love

Recife, Rwanda

Mirella holding her daughter Marcella in the garden of the House of Hope.

Mirella holding her daughter Marcella in the garden of the House of Hope.

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Sunday March 24, 2019

Pray for Mirella and Marcella, that their relationship to You and to each other would continue to be strengthened. Mirella is a single mom who participated in a church program for pregnant mothers where she encountered God and learned how to be a responsible mother. Her daughter, Marcella, now 18 months old, is thriving in the church daycare program.

In 2016, Mirella came to the House of Hope to participate in a program for pregnant women. Mirella was young and unsure about what being a mother entailed.

The Videira “Vine” Project offered Mirella material and emotional support. Meeting weekly on Mondays, Mirella and her peers discovered a safe space where they could talk about their experiences and their fears. As Mirella told us, “the group was made of pregnant women and we were all unprepared.”

The women worshipped together and received prayer in addition to gaining practical instruction in reproductive health, prenatal care, family planning, and nutritional counseling. As part of the program, Mirella received bedding, clothing, and baby care products to prepare her home for her new baby.

But Mirella received so much more. Although she had grown up in a Catholic home where she sometimes went to church, she admits she never had a real relationship with God. Coming to the House of Hope program changed all of that. It altered her perspective on life and her priorities in raising her daughter, Marcella.

Now Marcella comes to the House of Hope Daycare program. Here Marcella receives love and affection as well as Gospel teachings. And with Marcella safely cared for, Mirella is able to work and receive an income in order to support herself and her daughter.

We asked Mirella about her hopes and dreams for her daughter:

I hope that she can learn about Christ and have a good education so she can be a good citizen. If I didn’t find House of Hope, my life would be a disappointment. I wouldn’t know about Christ and the love of God. My life would be terrible because it was here at the House of Hope that I learned how to really love Marcella.


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