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“God’s Love is a Forever Love

Recife, Brazil

Aline teaches some of the youngest students at the House of Hope, which is operated by the church in the slums of Recife.

Aline teaches some of the youngest students at the House of Hope, which is operated by the church in the slums of Recife.

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Sunday March 31, 2019

We pray for Aline, a teacher whose faith in God crystallized in the classroom where she teaches some of the youngest students at the House of Hope preschool. Aline reports that she found Jesus at the school, where she sees God at work daily in the lives of her students, many who come from broken homes and find their security only at school.

Aline Silva dos Santos teaches children in the 2 year old classroom at the House of Hope in Recife, Brazil. Started by the Anglican Church in Brazil, the House of Hope has been a long-standing partner of ARDF.

Aline came to the House of Hope as a volunteer but was soon hired to teach some of the youngest students in the preschool. Aline told us that when she came to the House of Hope, she knew about Jesus, but “I wasn’t really following him. Here at House of Hope is when I started going back to church and actually started my relationship with God. It was here that allowed me to grow closer to God.”

Why has working at this ministry drawn her closer to God?

“It is so gratifying and beautiful to see these children grow up. We give them the little seed that will grow up over time. I love my job here because we teach more than just science, math, language and nature. We also teach the Biblical principles of God. We get to serve God’s kingdom. The children get to hear about Jesus.”

The community surrounding the House of Hope is a poor one, riddled with drugs and gang violence. The young students in her class undergo trauma on a regular basis. Aline continues, “most of [the students] don't have structured families. They see drug related situations of violence because that’s a big problem in this community. They live in that and see it a lot.” She describes students who have seen violence first-hand, reminding us that most of these kids are not even three years old!

Because of an unstable home life, her students often act out in class. Aline knows that what they are really craving is love and attention.

“They don’t receive much love. But here, they receive the love, care, and affection that they deserve and need.” In Aline’s classroom, they also receive the stability they need. Each day, Aline is there to be a constant in their lives.

Five years ago, ARDF gave the House of Hope a grant to build a gymnasium. Three years later, an ARDF project paid for a new roof to cover the gym, making it accessible in all weather.

This gym has had a continuing impact on Aline’s classroom.

“The makeover of the Gym was very important because we use it every day for activities with the children. Right now, the gymnasium has helped me to program my activities with the kids more effectively. Now that the roof has been built, we can use it more often and protect [ourselves] from the rain and the kids can run around.”

Working with these children has brought Aline closer to Jesus. She has the great privilege of living out her faith in a tangible way each day.

Join us in praying for Aline, for the children to whom she ministers, and for the ongoing programs of the House of Hope.

“I am happy that the House of Hope is expanding. It is very important for [the school] to continue to grow because it’s a place for change, hope and transformation in the lives of the children in this community. These children need us a lot.”

Aline concludes, “I wish for a better future for these kids.” So do we!


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