KCEP Prayers & Praises - July 2019


He Lives! He Lives! Christ Jesus Lives Today!”


Marsabit, Kenya

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The Rev. Joseph Kesho is the Secretary of Education for the Diocese of Marsabit.

The Rev. Joseph Kesho is the Secretary of Education for the Diocese of Marsabit.

Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer, That calls me from a world of care. And bids me at My Father’s throne, Make all my wants and wishes known. – W. W. Walford

Praise for the “coming together” of Christian and Muslim leaders of Marsabit to show unity and calm during the current drought. Prayer for continued unity and cooperation among tribes during this stressful time. Pray for life giving rain for the Marsabit Diocese during this serious drought.

Pray for the students and staff at Machakos Boys’ School where the dorms were destroyed by a fire. Praise that the students were on break, so there was no loss of life.

Praise for the new Secretary of Education, Rev. Joseph Kesho, who will be acting as a liaison between the Bishop and the Anglican Schools in the Diocese of Marsabit. He will monitor the needs and progress of the schools to insure effectiveness.

Prayer for Bishop Qampicha and his family as he travels to the U.S. to attend New Wineskins and the KCEP Gala. Praise for the safe arrival of his new baby boy.

Prayer for the healing of a female Tumaini student, Bokayo, who recently underwent surgery for a tumor wrapped around her heart.

Praise for Janet Helms’ years of service for God’s Kingdom as Chair of the Board and Founder of KCEP. Praise for God’s provision of our new Chair of the Board of Advisors, The Rev. Canon Dr. John Macdonald.


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