Update from Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts


“Thank You with all our hearts!”

Parker and Calloway, FL


Showing up, distributing aid, caring for folks, and listening to their stories – this is the relief ministry of Apostles By-The-Sea.

Showing up, distributing aid, caring for folks, and listening to their stories – this is the relief ministry of Apostles By-The-Sea.

Thanks to donors like you, ARDF sent over $45,000 to Florida for Hurricane Michael relief efforts. This report comes from Ashley Wallace, wife of Rector John Wallace, Apostles By-The-Sea in Rosemary Beach, FL.

“We at Apostles By-The-Sea Anglican Church wish to thank you with all of our hearts for your financial support after the devastation of Hurricane Michael. We are a small church plant with servant heart people but very limited funds. Your aid has helped us to be able to reach the people most affected by the hurricane in a powerful way.” - Ashley Wallace

Apostles By-The-Sea was fortunate to escape Michael’s wrath. Many of their neighbors were not so lucky. So this church is focusing their efforts on Parker and Callaway, Florida. These are two impoverished areas that were hit hardest by the hurricane and are receiving very little aid. Ashley reports that they have made huge inroads in the community by establishing a relationship with the Mayor and local leaders. By partnering with other churches, such as Parker United Methodist Church, their small church has been making a real difference.

Ashely writes, “We have distributed thousands of hot meals, food and supplies from eight in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. We talk to the people, we listen to their stories, we find out what they need and most importantly, we give generously!”

Even so, the legacy of Hurricane Michael lingers. Ashley continues, “We see the needs changing rapidly in the area. People are still without adequate shelter. Many people are starting to get sick from the mold and bacteria in their shelters. They are also facing economic hardship as the local businesses close up shop. As winter approaches we need tents, sleeping bags, blankets and coats. We are transitioning in our aid from relief to more intentional recovery.”

Partnerships are not only key to providing material needs. In partnership with St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Apostles By-The-Sea has an exciting Advent party planned for the families of these communities. “It will be a wonderful opportunity to shower the people with God’s love and to give the families a little bit of merriment!”

Thanks to the efforts of the local church, recovery is coming! And relationships are being built. ARDF is grateful to be able to partner with Apostles By-The-Sea and other local churches who are reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus in times of need.

Please join us in praying for the ongoing efforts in Florida,

Apostles By-the-Sea reaches out their neighbors to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Michael. (Courtesy of Bryan Schultz, St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral, Tallahassee, FL)


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