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“I thank God for this wonderful project.”

Kagera, Tanzania

Students were some of those who joined community groups to care for the new tree nurseries.

Students were some of those who joined community groups to care for the new tree nurseries.

What is a Proven Partner? We are glad you asked!

ARDF Proven Partners are our recurring donors. They allow us to fund development projects that have not received enough designated funding. 

Especially during seasons of relief efforts, many donors focus on meeting the immediate needs of those affected close to home. And with good reason.

However, when the ARDF Global Trustees approve a development project, they commit funds. We want to follow through on that commitment and allow our partners to help their communities as planned. The cost of the project can often escalate when there is a delay.

A project in Kagera, Tanzania, is one example. Not fully funded by designated donors, ARDF sent general funds so that the project could be completed. Because of this project, 2021 farmers in self-help groups participated in environmental conservation in Kagera region. This resulted in 250,000 trees being planted by individuals on their farms and within church farms. Another 50,000 trees were distributed and planted at seven secondary schools. Alongside tree planting on bare land, tree nursery groups were established and trained in managing soil erosion and the need to protect land for food production and water conservation. 

A total of 405 families were also trained in environmental conservation and the use of energy-saving stoves. Vaileth Nehemia, a local farmer, Kasange village, Kagera, Tanzania reports:

“I am a very happy woman and proud to be a beneficiary... Before receiving the new stove, I had to go to the forest twice a week, trekking [6 to 9 miles] with heavy wood on my head. I was using about 17 pieces of wood for cooking per day; now I only go to the forest twice a month and use about 8 pieces to cook the same food. I thank God for this wonderful project.” 

This is just one example of how Proven Partners’ gifts transform lives in tangible ways. Their gifts go to the most urgent, timely projects.

Of course, Proven Partners also help us keep the office lights on in the US. It isn’t always glitzy, but we are proud of our low overhead of 21%. These funds allow us to do the exciting work of connecting those we serve across the globe with North Americans. It enables us to share the stories from the field back to you.

It is easy to become a Proven Partner. You can sign up online or you can call the office and set your pledge up over the phone. Either way, know that you make an ongoing impact.

Our goal for September 2018 is to gain 25 new Proven Partners. Will you join us?


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