Are Your Donations Working?

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Three Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Donation

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Asking good questions can give you confidence to know that your donations are being used effectively.

Asking good questions can give you confidence to know that your donations are being used effectively.

Sometime we give simply because we want to help. In a desperate situation, we want to immediately relieve the suffering of someone else. In these times, we give over our resources and ask God to multiply them, in the moment, not worrying exactly how those dollars will impact the lives of others.

But more often, we want to know that when we give over our hard-earned resources, that our money has been well-spent. We want assurances that the resources that God has entrusted to us will go out to do His work in the world. Will these gifts make an impact?

Of course, we cannot always manage our gifts once they leave our pockets. But here are three questions you can ask to know your donation dollars will make an impact.

  1. Is the need - and the solution - well researched? Will your donation go to a project that is solving a real problem? It is good to confirm that the local community wants the project to go forward. Will they participate in implementing it? If the community has ownership from the beginning, the project will remain sustainable. It will have an impact that lasts beyond the completion of the project.

  2. Do the leaders implementing the project have a responsible track record? Are they known in the local community? Will their ideas and solutions be well received – and continued – after the project is over?

  3. Will you receive evaluations after the project has been completed? Any credible aid organization will have stories of impact. As a donor, you have the right to know the results, no matter how much you gave. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Jesus demands that we be generous as He has been generous to us. But that does not mean we should simply give with blind trust. We are to be responsible with the gifts God has given us.

We all want to help. Find something you care about. Then connect with others who care about the same thing! With a few questions, you can confidently donate to people and projects that  mean the most to you.

To connect with ARDF partners in places that capture your heart, browse our projects page and then email us for more information. We are always happy to answer your questions!


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