What do Girls Need to Stay in School?


The accommodation here is safe.”

Tabora, Tanzania


If there were no hostel at the school … I would not have gotten the chance to attend secondary school. But, because the accommodation here is safe, my parents agreed to pay for me to stay there and attend school.” — Happyness Gasper, Tabora, Tanzania

This Advent, ARDF is grateful for the many trusted partners who serve the poor through the local church in their own communities. The church in Tabora Tanzania is one such partner.

Bishop Elias describes the partnership between ARDF and the Diocese of Tabora in completing the new girl's dormitory in Tabora.

In this region, many high schools are located far from the villages, so many girls drop out of school after completing primary school. Parents worry about sending their daughters off to the city to rent a room from strangers. And even for those who could walk, the trek is often dangerous for these teenage girls.

But the church in Tanzania is creating safe places by building hostels adjacent to high schools in order to allow more girls to enroll. When girls live in hostels, they are able to concentrate more fully on their studies, without the distraction of family obligations or chores. Girls are able to attend class every day, and have enough time to participate in learning activities. Hostels have been shown to reduce the number of dropouts, year after year.

The church has seen that providing hostels has increased girls’ access to education and built up communities, as neighbors recognize the benefits of educating girls.

ARDF loves working through trusted partners. But we also value sustainability. And now, with rental income from the most recent hostel, the church is able to expand its evangelistic activities – as it supports the income of 20 church employees.

Prayer for the Third Week of Advent

Lord, we praise You for the new communities created because of the most recent hostel in Tabora, Tanzania. We pray for the newest students, that they would continue to develop into their full potential with Your help. May they always trust in You.


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