A Solid Preschool Education gives Parents Hope, too!


Their hopes and dreams can finally come true.”

Asunción, Paraguay


Do you remember your preschool years? What sort of influence do you think they had on you? Most of us would agree that early education plays an important role in preparing children for primary school. When early education imparts a Christian worldview, the impact is even greater.

Children at the expanded Pepe Semillita Preschool

Children at the expanded Pepe Semillita Preschool

Unfortunately, in much of the world, access to pre-primary schools is not readily available. However, ARDF is supporting churches wishing to expand their pre-schools.

“I like the way in which my son is motivated, I like that he is hearing about God. Seeing the school developing gives me hope.’ – María Angelica Gomez Ocampos, Bruno’s mom

Bruno attends Pepe Semillita Preschool in Asunción, Paraguay, operated by Redeemer Anglican Church. With an ARDF grant, the school was able to triple the number of students it enrolls. The school is still small, but is one step towards meeting the need of the community for quality education for its youngest residents.

A Christian education has the power to bring spiritual change – hope – to entire communities. Redeemer Anglican Church is just one of ARDF’s partners bringing Christian teachings to the youngest students.

In Recife, Brazil, the House of Hope daycare is transforming the lives of students - and their families.

“Since the beginning of the building of the gym [built with an ARDF grant], we’ve seen a renewal of the expectations in the community. They realized that their hopes and dreams can finally come true.” - Andrezza Limeira, President House of Hope, Recife, Brazil

A new project in Burundi, in Central Africa, will expand education for pre-primary students in a rural, isolated area of this country struggling to develop after years of civil war.

You might not think that a small Christian preschool can change a community. However, over and over, we see that engaging the youngest students has an impact on an entire neighborhood. ARDF is proud of our partners who are serving their communities in this way.

And we are encouraged by you, who support these church leaders with your gifts and your prayers.

Prayer for the First Week of Advent

Lord, this first week of Advent we pray for these youngest students who are integrating into school for the first time. We pray for Bruno and the other students of Pepe Semita Preschool, that the truths they learn about You at school would be the foundation of their lives. We pray for their parents that they would come to know You as well and that the Christian education that their children receive would be a blessing to them as well.


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