Powerful Partnerships. Transforming Our World.

Our Vision

Working together, we demonstrate the love of Christ and spread the Gospel by helping the poor and needy through leaders working in their own communities.

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Millions of people. Endless Opportunities.

When you partner with ARDF, you are doing more than give money. You are demonstrating Christ's faithfulness as you empower local leaders to solve the problems they identify as priorities in their own communities. Because of our deep connection with the leaders in the Global Anglican Church, we are relational at our core. When you support ARDF, you are part of these powerful partnerships that are transforming our world.


Our Unique Development Model

ARDF is perfectly situated for maximum impact with our donors' money. Through relationships with local churches on the ground, we empower local leaders to carry out the work of the development project. This results in efficient and effective use of resources to truly carry out the change that we all want to see in the world.


ARDF Leadership

ARDF is governed by a board of global leaders representing the developing world. They meet annually to determine priorities, approve projects, and the keep ARDF firmly linked to the Global Church. ARDF-US is guided by a Board of Trustees which advises on fundraising and strategic planning.

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