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What’s a Mite Box?

Mite Boxes

Kelli Hample packing up mite boxes and prayer calendars to ship to churches.

It’s that time of year! ARDF is mailing out mite boxes and lent prayer calendars to churches and individuals across the county. But what is a mite box? And why would they be important for my church?

Mite boxes are an opportunity for kids of all ages to collect coins and other “mites” for ARDF projects in developing countries. As we celebrate World Mission Sunday on February 4th, it is a good time to remember our brothers and sisters in need around the world.

In Mark 12:41-43, Jesus observes the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. While rich people put in large amounts, it is the widow, donating only two small copper coins, who gets his attention. Jesus comments to the disciples, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.”

It is easy to think that such small amounts don’t add up to much. But the two coins were a lot to the widow – and a lot to the Kingdom. They also reflected the widow’s generosity.

Likewise, your “mites” for ARDF go a long way.

In Burundi, 42 springs were protected at a cost of $58,000. That is a lot of money. But when you realize that over 26,000 people will benefit from clean water, the math shows that a widow’s mite of less than $2.25 brought clean water to a Burundian!

I am very proud of this protected spring at Mubanga [Burundi]. I can say my life is safeguarded.  Like my neighbors, I will often participate in maintenance activities in order to make it last and serve us for many years. Praise the Lord and God’s blessing to those who contributed towards the protection of this water spring. ”
– Antoinette Munezero, Mubanga parish.

If you and your church want a tangible way to keep Global Missions front and center during the upcoming Lenten season, request yours today. Your gift will enable Anglican churches in the developing world to help their own communities and provide clean water, education, food security, and the love of Jesus to those in desperate need. And in your generosity, you will be reminded how big the Kingdom of God really is.

May the grace of our Lord overflow in your life with compassion and generosity to the poor and suffering this Lent.

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