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Upcoming Projects for ARDF


Last week was a big week for ARDF! Not only did we attend the ACNA’s 2014 Provincial Assembly, but we also hosted our Global Trustees for our annual Global Trustees Board Meeting. As always, it was an incredible experience to sit in a room with so many figureheads from all over the world, witnessing their fellowship and hearing them encourage one another to continue the Lord’s work throughout their. What a challenge for us, the staff at ARDF, to continue our work with diligence and enthusiasm! ARDF has an incredible opportunity to partner with these leaders and their parishes; it is a true honor to participate in such incredible work.

While this meeting serves many purposes, it is primarily reserved as a space to vote on and approve upcoming projects for ARDF to support. As such, we are very excited to announce our new projects for the 2014-2015 year. We believe that these five projects will spread the love of Jesus Christ through high-impact, measurable, and sustainable community development work by local, faith-based implementers. Each project has been thoroughly analyzed by our research partners and has been shown to have great potential impact among the people to be served. We are confident in these projects and hope, as you review them below, that you will carefully consider how you can personally contribute.

Kenya: New Worship Facility Doubles as Community Outreach Space
Anglican Diocese of Mumias
St. Elizabeth Anglican Church of Kenya, part of Mumias Diocese in Kakamega County, is located in Western Kenya. Despite Kakamega County’s natural resources, more than 60 percent of the people live in poverty, which is 8 percent higher than the national average of 52 percent. People living there face high unemployment, few commercial enterprises, low agricultural productivity, and high rates of child labor and school dropouts, strong population growth and a high youth-to-adult ratio.                     
          Grant amount:  $76,330

Rwanda: Youth Receive Robust Education and Grow in Faith
Anglican Diocese of Kibungo, Rwanda
Rwanda has taken major steps toward reducing illiteracy rates among adults. However, these efforts have not made their way to some rural districts, including Ngoma, where Kibungo Diocese is located. In Ngoma, government educational targets remain unmet, and poverty makes achieving educational goals even more difficult.
          Grant amount:  $64,960

Burundi: Diocese Protects Clean Springs in Rural Areas
Anglican Diocese of Buye, Burundi
Political and social instability, brought on by 13 years of civil war, damaged the infrastructure of Burundi. Although it is eight years since the war ended, the Burundi has not recovered, suffering high rates of poverty and HIV/AIDS.
          Grant amount:  $55,877

 Pakistan: Youth Secure Employment and a Better Future
Remedy Welfare & Development Organization (RWDO)
An estimated 60 percent of Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line and more than 96 percent are Muslims. This project takes place in Jamilabad, the largest Christian community in Multan City, where 90 percent of the residents live in poverty, 80 percent are illiterate and 95 percent are unskilled. Without a proper education or skills, many of the town’s 3,789 residents cannot find adequate employment.
         Grant amount:  $47,040

 Kenya: Farmers Learn to Be Stewards of Their Land
Planting Faith Ministries and The Vine Foundation
Over-farming of land in Bungoma, Kenya, has depleted the soil and led to poor crop yields and food shortages. Many farmers have started small trading businesses on the side, but these are highly competitive and do not produce reliable incomes. Young people are especially challenged due to a lack of economic opportunities, leaving them trapped in a cycle of poverty. Many migrate to cities, but with no skills they end up living in slums and further marginalized.
          Grant amount:  $70,071


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