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Thoughts from the Executive Director – September 2014



Why does ARDF put the words “Powerful Partnerships – Transforming Our World” in our tag line right under our logo featuring the continents of Africa and Asia?

It is interesting how the ARDF leadership team came up with these two concepts. They intended the words to sum up all we envision our relief and development efforts to be.

Powerful Partnerships – We are a small Christian relief and development agency, but our perspective is that we are doing what our creator God and Savior Jesus Christ commissioned us to do in both word and deed. So the most important partnership we build is partnership with God, the originator of love, service and giving! You might consider ACNA and the worldwide Anglican Communion as the Word part of our relationship and ARDF (as well as other mission organizations) as the Deed part of the relationship.

ARDF recognizes that we cannot do it all. We are just too small and the world is just too big. Yet our partnership with the worldwide Anglican Communion gives us “boots on the ground” in places of extreme physical, emotional and spiritual need. This allows ARDF to partner with more than 80 million Anglicans around the world, over 50% of whom live in undeveloped and suffering parts of the Southern Hemisphere.  These partnerships are powerful because we focus on needs and solutions seen through the eyes of the indigenous churches who implement our projects.

One of the questions I hear frequently from Bishops in tough situations is, “How can we show these people the love of God?”  In one case, the answer was to build a carpentry school for former child-soldiers and others in need of marketable skills in the Diocese of Aru, Democratic Republic of Congo:

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Other ways to show people the love of God are to supply clean water, medical clinics, educational facilities, trauma healing to victims of war, agricultural equipment and training, community centers, micro-hydro power—the list goes on.  Each ARDF development project has an evangelistic component that impacts the lives of many people for Christ. Over the past ten years of ARDF’s history, more than 1 million lives have been touched physically and spiritually by our development projects.

Transforming Our World – When Anglican churches help other churches through our development projects, the Holy Spirit transforms individual peoples’ lives in profound ways.  This is what we mean by “transformation” in our tag line. For Timothy, a former rebel fighter, transformation meant new life in Christ as well as valuable carpentry skills:

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Our God is a loving, giving and serving God. We are created in God’s image with loving, giving and serving as part of our new lifestyle. I think of verses like 1 John 4:16: “God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.” Or Acts 20:35: “Remember the words of our Lord Jesus: It is more blessed to give than to receive.” And Luke 22:27: “Jesus told them, for I am among you as one who serves.” As American Anglicans, we are free to serve this powerful God in a Powerful Partnership, doing what HE has commanded us to do and assisting in the Transformation of Our World.  If this were not true, we would not even exist.

headshot-200pxOur tag line means all of the above to ARDF’s leadership and more.

May God grant you peace and blessings,


William E. Deiss

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