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The Value of Education

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of education.” In 1947, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote these words in his short essay, “The Purpose of Education.


Students at Tumaini Academy in Northern Kenya

Over 70 years later, these words still ring true.  ARDF is blessed to partner with many local leaders who are implementing educational projects in areas that lack educational opportunities. In these places, the local church is in the ideal position to provide educational options that marry strong academics with character building through biblical teachings.

This week, as we pause to consider Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, we thought we’d share some words of our own from a small sample of ARDF education projects.

I like this community. I have made a lot of friends in Rumah Shalom. Besides, I like to study with them. … God is blessing me a lot in my education and in [my] health.”
Sken bah Ngah, 17, from Kg pawong, Simpan Pulai, Malaysia, student at Rumah Shalom, a boarding school operated by the Diocese of Western Malaysia.

“What [my daughter] Silvana most enjoyed were the Bible stories. What I most appreciate was the good treatment that Gloria [de Maldonado, the school’s founder] gave to the children and the teaching on values.”
Blanca Susana Bueno, the single mother of 8-year-old Silvana Maibel Morinigo of Zeballos Cue, Asunción, Paraguay who attends the Pepe Semillita Preschool operated by Redeemer Anglican in Asunción.

“I thank you God for this opportunities of having a school in my community [Katanga, The Democratic Republic of Congo]. The school will not help only our village but all of the villages around the school. The school will not only resolve the education problem but will also participate to bring peace where Pygmy and Bantou [tribes] are always fighting. The school will educate pygmy and Bantou children. And both will benefited with the education at this school.” 
Mr. Kishiba Gilbert, Mamba Village, DRC.

“Our new girls hostel is a blessing to this School [in Masindi, Uganda]. This hostel has really benefited us girls who came from afar and from poor parents. The new hostile is the pride [of] Masindi District. We can even do Bible study whenever we feel like it. What a blessing.” 
Brenda Nabukenya, senior three, Masindi-Kitara Christian High School, Western Uganda.

“Karama Geoffrey, a parent who lives in Ngoma district, is one of the parents who pioneered the Itetero Christian School. He has two children who attend. Their behavior has, in his estimation, improved under the guidance of this school. They are developing very disciplined and hard-working young students. … He believes that at Itetero Christian School children are provided with a quality education based upon Christian values and ethics for spiritual, social and economic development.”
reported by Diocese of Kibungo officials in Rwanda.

Christian educational opportunities are transforming lives around the world. If you want to read about other ARDF education projects, visit our website. ARDF is proud to empower local leaders to transform these lives in Africa, Asia, and South America!

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