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Thobias Kamaana, a local farmer from Mrugwanza, Tanzania, waters his tree nursery.

Planting Trees & Harvesting Surprises

Have you ever been wary of new technology? Certain that something new will never work. Isn’t it exciting when you learn that the “new” thing actually adds value to your life? This is currently happening in Tanzania. Deforestation is a major problem in the Kagera region of Tanzania, due to a heavy reliance on poor […]

Children in Tabora Tanzania want to continue their education

A Safe Place to Learn

Imagine you are a girl who wants to continue her education at high school. And your parents agree to send you! However, you live in rural Tanzania and the closest secondary school is over 20 miles from your home. You suggest renting a room with a family in town near the school, but your parents […]