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My First Mission Trip

Another guest blog post by Jennifer Collins, participant in the 2017 Nepal Vision Trip. I am in my mid-fifties, a Christian for 30 years, but I have never taken a mission trip. I always thought they were for other people. People with more time, more money or more faith than I had. But the 2017 […]

Still not rebuilt

Earthly Kingdoms and Heavenly Kingdoms

Guest Blog by Jennifer Collins On April 25, 2015, Nepal experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed close to 9,000 people. The earthquake was so forceful that Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain lost 3 inches in height. It was even strong enough to affect the axis of the earth. Nepal is a tiny country sandwiched […]

ARDF Nepal Development

What is “Christian” about Christian International Development?

What is the difference between Christian international development and “regular” or secular international development? ARDF posed this question to Dr. Stephen Offutt, Assistant Professor of Development Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr. Offutt explained that doing Christian development work allows us to “participate in the mission of God, of Kingdom building” in an intentional way […]

Bill Haley and Daniel Pun

Slum as Sacrament – A Jerusalem in Kathmandu

By Rev. Bill Haley, ARDF-US Trustee & Executive Director of Coracle (where this article is also posted ) 03/03/2017 – The slum of Danaseri in Kathmandu, Nepal is a sacred place on par with the island of Iona in Scotland, St. Peter’s in Rome, Jerusalem, and Lourdes. Danaseri doesn’t look like much at first glance. It […]

ARDF Nepal Mission Trip Team in Kathmandu

Another Nepal Update

03/02/2017 The ARDF team in Nepal has almost finished their pilgrimage. Today they are spending a “free day” to reflect and pray on the country, its needs, and what God is saying to them in this journey. Boy do they wish you all could see Nepal! The mountains are huge and flying in you see snow […]


Nepal Team Update

  Donate now for Nepal Community Development through the Anglican Church 2/27/2017: ARDF’s first mission trip is underway! More a pilgrimage than a standard mission trip, since last Friday, the ARDF team has been engaging with Nepali Christians as well as Nepali culture. Here is a first update from the team. (Subsequent updates can now be found […]


Mountains in the Gospel of Matthew

Do you like to see the Global Anglican Communion in action? Do you have a heart for Nepal?  An ARDF team is visiting our Christian brothers and sisters in Nepal from February 23 – March 4, 2017. Please pray for us! And look for future updates from the team. Rev. Bill Haley and Canon Bill Deiss are leading us on […]

Nepalis Marking the Anniversary with Prayer Photo Credit: Bill Haley

One Year Later: ARDF Visits Nepal One Year After The Devastating Earthquake

Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) Executive Director, Canon Bill Deiss, and ARDF US Trustee Rev. Bill Haley are visiting Nepal one year after the earthquake of April 25th, 2015. Their trip will focus on building long-term partnerships with local leaders to ensure a successful reconstruction effort—and on encouraging the local church as they rely on God […]


First Person Report From Nepal

Donate to the Nepal Relief Fund Learn more about ARDF’s response to this crisis. This relief update comes from The Rev. Bill Jerdan and the REC Board of Foreign Missions:  A friend serving in the Anglican Diocese of Singapore Mission Office, and who speaks the Nepali language, participated in the first Diocesan team to arrive […]