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Free Gift of Lent Resource from ACNA!

Ash Wednesday is here! This year, the Anglican Church in North America is providing the Church a resource, in the form of a website –, to support the Lenten disciplines of prayer and almsgiving. We are familiar with prayer, but in some quarters of the church “Almsgiving” during Lent has fallen out of focus. […]


Lent 2018: God’s Grace is Sufficient

Give a Gift to ARDF for Lent Request Lent Materials This page will help you pray through the various ARDF projects highlighted in the 2018 Lenten Prayer Guide. Week of February 18 – Promoting Good Health through Safe Education Have you ever been seated next to someone coughing and were worried that you might catch […]

Mite Boxes

What’s a Mite Box?

It’s that time of year! ARDF is mailing out mite boxes and lent prayer calendars to churches and individuals across the county. But what is a mite box? And why would they be important for my church? Mite boxes are an opportunity for kids of all ages to collect coins and other “mites” for ARDF […]