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Thobias Kamaana, a local farmer from Mrugwanza, Tanzania, waters his tree nursery.

Planting Trees & Harvesting Surprises

Have you ever been wary of new technology? Certain that something new will never work. Isn’t it exciting when you learn that the “new” thing actually adds value to your life? This is currently happening in Tanzania. Deforestation is a major problem in the Kagera region of Tanzania, due to a heavy reliance on poor […]

Northern Argentina

Environmental Challenges in Argentina

Did you know that the ancient forests in Argentina are disappearing? Argentina is one of the worst countries in the world for deforestation. Large soybean production and expanded cattle ranching have resulted in the bulldozing of countless trees. Thankfully, the local church is working to reverse this. A new ARDF project will help educate the indigenous people […]