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Mite Boxes

What’s a Mite Box?

It’s that time of year! ARDF is mailing out mite boxes and lent prayer calendars to churches and individuals across the county. But what is a mite box? And why would they be important for my church? Mite boxes are an opportunity for kids of all ages to collect coins and other “mites” for ARDF […]

Fortified spring now brings clean water

Making Clean Water the Norm

Can you imagine life  without access to clean drinking water? Do you ever turn on the tap and wonder if the water will make you or your children sick? Most of us are blessed to never have to consider this. Burundi is a small nation in East Africa plagued by violence and poverty. Here access […]

ARDF Nepal Development

What is “Christian” about Christian International Development?

What is the difference between Christian international development and “regular” or secular international development? ARDF posed this question to Dr. Stephen Offutt, Assistant Professor of Development Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr. Offutt explained that doing Christian development work allows us to “participate in the mission of God, of Kingdom building” in an intentional way […]


Thankful Hearts

Happy Thanksgiving! This week we want to share a few of the things we are most thankful for! We are thankful for our Global Archbishops, who guide ARDF’s strategic direction, keep us firmly tied to the church and travel great distances to come to our meetings. We are thankful for Wendell Kimbrough who is partnering […]



Life without Clean Water. It is hard for us to understand what it is like to live without access to clean drinking water. Every day we turn on the tap without wondering if the water we drink will make us or our children sick–or even be fatal. This is why so many of us were troubled […]


Thoughts from the Executive Director – October 2014

Dear Friends, This has been a year fraught with strife, war, and sickness that have displaced millions from their homes, neighborhoods and countries. In numerous places around the Anglican Communion, the last twelve months have been just plain dangerous and sometimes even disastrous for our brothers and sisters. ARDF has heard many awful stories from […]