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Thobias Kamaana, a local farmer from Mrugwanza, Tanzania, waters his tree nursery.

Planting Trees & Harvesting Surprises

Have you ever been wary of new technology? Certain that something new will never work. Isn’t it exciting when you learn that the “new” thing actually adds value to your life? This is currently happening in Tanzania. Deforestation is a major problem in the Kagera region of Tanzania, due to a heavy reliance on poor […]

Fiwila Mission, Zambia

School’s Out for the Summer

Everyone celebrates the end of the school year. But does it make sense to close a school completely down during vacation? In Zambia, a new ARDF project will expand the Teacher Training College at Fiwila Mission and offer agricultural training when the students are on holiday. This creative, flexible use facility will address two key […]

A group of Kenyan farmers benefited from an agricultural training program called “Farming God’s Way” that stressed increased crop yields and soil enrichment.

Farming God’s Way

Do you have a garden where you grow fruit and vegetables? Are you having a good harvest this year? For many of us, a backyard garden is a luxury. We get fresh vegetables and we enjoy being outside as we work in the garden. If our plants don’t do well we are disappointed, but we […]

TwoKasai Farmers

“Working Together is the Key of Our Success”

‘’We are working together because it is the key of our success. ‘’ – A couple from Bondo Kanyinda in the Diocese of Two Kasai An ARDF project is helping farmers in the Diocese of Two Kasai by teaching farming skills, giving out seeds, and providing agricultural extension services. When the Diocese applied for an […]