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Why Support ARDF?

There are a lot of great charities out there, so what makes ARDF different?

Our Mission… 

Inspired by God’s radical grace, ARDF exists to empower Anglicans to show the love of Christ to those in need throughout the Global South (Asia, Africa, and South America), serving the poorest of the poor.


Our Values: ARDF is…

1.  EFFECTIVE because all our projects are researched and evaluated.

2.  SUSTAINABLE because every project is locally initiated and implemented.

3.  EFFICIENT because we work within existing church structures.

4.  EMPOWERING because we are guided by non-western leaders.


6. YOUR church in action. Thank you for your support!


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Six Reasons to Support ARDF:

 ARDF is EFFECTIVE because all our projects are researched and evaluated:

Research_left2Again and again, donors tell us that ARDF’s commitment to careful stewardship is a key reason for their support. Every project proposal undergoes thorough research by a third-party firm to ensure that it will be effective and sustainable over the long term. ARDF is financially accountable and transparent, and strives for the  highest possible return on our donors’ investment in the form of permanently transformed lives and communities.

We also conduct careful follow-up research to determine if the a given project’s objectives were met. This strategic, data-driven approach allows us to learn from failure, and ensures efficiency and sustainability. Check out our projects, and see example research and follow-up assessments.



ARDF is SUSTAINABLE because every project is locally initiated and implemented:

Locally_leftInstead of telling local congregations what to do and how to do it based upon our own culturally conditioned assumptions and expectations, ARDF has consciously decided to fund only those projects that the local church and community have identified as priorities.

We provide the funding needed to make their dreams become realities. This ensures community buy-in and cultural appropriateness, which greatly increases the chances of a project’s success and sustainability. Moreover, it actually empowers the local community, instead of increasing their sense of dependence and inability to make positive change. See how ARDF projects are making an impact.

ARDF is EFFICIENT because we work within existing church structures:

WorldwideCommunion_leftWorking through the Global Anglican Communion means that we are perfectly positioned to make use of existing social structures already present in local communities, and able to have a lasting impact. Since we work through trustworthy local churches and leaders, we do not need to hire lots of expensive staff, and we get the benefit of local cultural expertise and credibility. The community already knows and trusts the local Anglican congregation, and can be sure that they will be there for years to come unlike some external aid organizations.

Moreover, because there are over 85 million Anglicans in the world, many of whom live in some of the poorest countries on the planet, ARDF has incredible potential to transform literally millions of lives in the years to come.

ARDF is EMPOWERING because we are guided by non-western leaders:

NonWesternARDF exists for the sake of empowerment, not to create systems of dependency. That is why we are guided by a Global Board of Archbishops representing the very places in the developing world we desire to serve.

These wise and trusted leaders determine where we should focus our work and what types of projects we should pursue. Crucially, they are given final authority to decide which projects are funded.




Gospel_We believe very strongly that it is impossible to separate our faith from our relief and development process. The Gospel is what sets our donors free to give so generously, and what inspires our Anglican partners to love their communities so selflessly. Our projects serve all poor people, regardless of their faith, but it is our joy to present Christ’s love through the ministry of the local implementing church. In all our communications, we seek to present the radical grace of Christ, not guilt or obligation, as the underlying motivation for charitable giving.

Our work begins and ends with grace.

God’s grace in our lives sets us free to love our brothers and sisters in the developing world–who have also been set free by His grace to love us, and their local neighbors. We have a true two-way relationship in which both parties give and receive. How this love plays out may look different–some may give clean water and mosquito nets, others may give prayer and spiritual support–but every type is necessary. In the end, it rests on this fact: “we love, because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

ARDF is YOUR church in action:

YourChurch_rightARDF is the official relief and development arm of the Anglican Church in North America, and we are so grateful for your incredible generosity over the past 10 years. Together, we have had a huge impact. ARDF exists simply to facilitate genuine relationships that already exist between Anglicans here in North America and our brothers and sisters around the developing world who have so faithfully prayed for and supported us for many years.

Thanks to your faith, ARDF is expanding rapidly and achieving a level of support and international recognition beyond our wildest expectations. This growing momentum is helping to keep social justice and love for the poor at the forefront of Anglican ministry here in North America. Watch a video about ARDF’s exciting growth.




 “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich” 2 Corinthians 8:9.

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Sarah - MU Leader - GAC (1)Read Sarah’s story. She is one of the thousands of people ARDF is empowering to save lives in her own community.

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