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Success Stories: Micro-Loans for the Poorest of the Poor in Egypt


My name is Awatef. I live in Ain Shams (part of Cairo). My husband was working day to day work as a construction worker. After the Revolution nobody called for his work. We waited the first week, then second week, but nobody called him so we had no income. I started to ask my neighbors for food for my son. Luckily the staff in Ain Shams Community Development Centre invited me to get a weekly food packages, I felt happy but it was not a permanent solution and it was not enough for us. My husband kept trying to find work but he couldn’t, three months passed and he had no work. He started to get very angry and nervous because he couldn’t support us and we were building a lot of debts. I went to Ain Shams Community Development Centre staff to ask for a loan to buy a wooden cart and donkey to sell vegetables with my husband and to earn our living together. The staff liked my idea and helped me to buy the cart and also the goods. Now my husband and I go out every day to sell the goods and we returns with enough money for us and for our son. My husband has gained more confidence and dreams of opening a small shop to avoid walking in the sun all day and to be able to have a larger supply of goods. He is happy because he has work and I will support him and help him to make his dream come true. Thank you!





“My name is Saedia, I live in Ain Shams. I was married and have four children. My husband was working day to day work, but after the Revolution he lost his job and was not able to support the family anymore. He was very distressed and started to behave badly towards me and our children. He felt that we were a burden for him because of our needs. He didn’t felt we were his responsibility so he left us. I felt very helpless and sad; I cried a lot for my children. I tried to find my husband with no luck. I found myself responsible for four children. I was in a loss when I decided to unburden my heart to the staff at Ain Shams Community Development Centre. I felt very welcomed so I asked the centre for a loan to earn my living and safe my children. They helped me to start my own business reselling plastic packaging. Now I have a small income and hope for the future; I thank God for that. My dream is to be able to keep supporting my family, helping my children to stay in school and supporting them in to complete their education. Thank you!”

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