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Stories of Redemption: 2014 Project Impacts

In a time of strife, what are we thankful for? As Thanksgiving approaches, we recall all that God has done through His Church this year.

War. Famine. Disease.

For many of us, the story of 2014 has been one of brokenness and desperate need. But ARDF donors are helping to tell a parallel story of God’s redemption–transforming some of the world’s poorest communities by partnering with local Anglican churches who are already engaged in building peace, offering healing, welcoming the outcast, and proclaiming the Good News:

Story of Redemption #1: Relief in Iraq


In Iraq, intense persecution forced hundreds of thousands of Christians to flee their homes, seeking shelter in refugee camps and neighboring countries.

Local Anglican and Chaldean Catholic Churches were overwhelmed by the need to care for the many refugees whose lives have been shattered by war. Thankfully, you stood with these local Christian leaders, donating generously for desperately needed food, shelter and Bibles.

In response to God’s love, you made the Gospel tangible to our brothers and sisters in Iraq.

“I’m a great supporter of ARDF, because it’s practical Christianity. It’s not just delivering aid to people. It’s delivering aid to people, and relief, in the name of Christ, and in the name of Christ means there is a spiritual impact in what we do.”

– Archbishop Glenn Davies of the Diocese of Sydney Australia

Project Impact:
• Serving 130,000+ refugees
• More than $100,000 raised
• Impact: tents, food, water, sanitation, clothing, housing


Story of Redemption #2: Community Development in Ethiopia


In Western Ethiopia, your donations have helped to dramatically increase the impact of the Gambella Anglican Centre.

Many of the communities surrounding the Centre are desperately poor and suffer from an almost 50% infant mortality rate. And this year, the situation became critical when the region was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of nearly 200,000 refugees fleeing violence in South Sudan.

But the heroic staff of the Centre have been able to feed refugees, provide training for pastors, and offer a safe meeting place for a growing Anglican congregation.

They have also trained mothers in basic hygiene that can reduce infant mortality by over half–and all of this is thanks to your incredible partnership and support.

“ARDF is helping in Ethiopia in establishing the Anglican Centre in Gambella which is helping a lot in doing seminars and conflict resolutions—tribal issues are very important. ARDF helped in establishing this Anglican center in Gambella, which is wonderful.”

– Archbishop Mouneer Hanna Anis of The Province of Jerusalem & The Middle East, and The Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa

Project Impact:
• Serving 3,696 people
• $5.53 needed per person
• Impact: education, evangelism, refugee care


Story of Redemption #3: The Grow initiative


At the same time, here in North America, ARDF has started a campaign called “The Grow Initiative”.

It is a movement led by young professionals in the Anglican Church in North America who are passionate about getting involved with the Global Body of Christ and reflecting the joy of the Gospel by standing with the poor and vulnerable.

This year, ARDF partnered with a local church in Pittsburgh to run a marathon relay to support girls’ education in South Sudan.

“I am excited to run for the ARDF just because it’s a chance to get out and be proactive, knowing that we are helping an organization do something great for the world around us.”

– Kevin McMillan

“ARDF is associated with our church, so we thought that would be a really good cause to run for–something that everyone in our church can get behind and get involved in.”

– Melissa Fann

Project Highlight:
• Members from across the country
• Marathon events planned for 2015
• Involving young professionals


ARDF Vision for 2015 and Beyond:


“The Anglican Relief and Development Fund is committed to generously reflecting the Love of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Your giving and my giving make this possible. It enables us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus all throughout the world to those in need. We are able to do that in tangible ways, to reflect the love of Jesus Christ.”

– Archbishop Foley Beach of The Anglican Church in North America

“ARDF is about true partnership and transformed lives. And it is your partnership through ARDF that changes more lives than you can imagine.

Through your generosity, we have been able to serve more lives in 2014 than we have ever served before. For the past ten years, we have reached over a million people in the Global South.

My expectation for the future ten years is that we would reach more than that—maybe double that. ARDF’s Global Trustees have approved $800,000 dollars [in development grants] over the next 12 months, so our challenge is to raise that type of funding so we can serve ever-increasing numbers of people through holistic projects.

And we are deeply thankful for our passionate donors who are joining in God’s story of redemption in our world.”

– Canon William E. Deiss, ARDF Executive Director

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