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Stories from Houston: “For Such a Time as This”

COTA Houston

Kids staying busy so their parents can begin the rebuilding process now that the waters have receded.

“I am impressed and amazed at how the people of the United States have come together for Hurricane Harvey,” – Bola, a recent Nigerian immigrant commenting on the relief efforts underway.

Generous ARDF donors have flooded ARDF with funds for Hurricane Harvey relief. Sadly, these funds will not cover nearly enough of the repairs. Literally, they are but a drop in the bucket. And nothing can restore the lost lives, treasures, and memories lost to flood waters.

But our sovereign God is working in the midst of this tragedy and we want to share some of ways in which God is working through the local church.

Tricia Lowenfield is the wife of Bishop Clark Lowenfield.  She is seeing firsthand wonderful stories of lives transformed. (Listen to some of them here.) Tricia writes, 

The Anglican Church of the Apostles in The Heights in Houston has a loving buzz of energy. The volunteers are pouring in from all over the city to cook, teach, clean, coordinate, give hugs, organize supplies, share Jesus and love and love and love.
The volunteer teachers have come from a connection with a school system, the doctors have come from a connection with the medical school, the mental health counselors have come from a connection with friends. It seems that this community of Christ followers has been created for such a time as this.
The senior pastor David Cumbie has barely been in town one month and yet seems like he has walked these halls for years. God placed on his heart an enthusiasm and love for people that has transcended the few short days he has even been been transplanted to the Lone Star state. He is not only caring for the evacuees from HARVEY but has a natural way to delegate to all the gifts that have arrived in the form of hands and feet. He has set free those that can lead and serve. The organization and pulse is incredible. The team formed here could be leading anywhere and yet the Lord has chosen each one to serve for such a time as this.”

Donate to Harvey relief

And visit this website (scroll down) to offer goods and services.

Still need encouragement? Check out these five truths from Bishop Clark.

Do you have a ministry that needs funds to rebuild after Harvey? Apply for funds here.


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