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Fast for Famine Relief



“I am borrowing food items from businessmen in Wau market because people are starving at the door of my house specially elderly people, pregnant mothers, women who have just delivered and children who have been separated from their parents.” -The Rt Revd Moses Deng Bol, Bishop of Wau

“Parts of South Sudan are facing the first UN declared famine since 2011, with worrying signs of impending mass starvation.” – CNN.

Did you know that there is a devastating famine occurring in South Sudan, a country where a violent civil war has already created Africa’s biggest refugee crisis? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard a thing. Major US news outlets are just beginning to cover it!

ARDF is partnering with the Bishop of Wau on the ground to deliver life saving food and supplies to the South Sudanese suffering from this famine. Currently, the bishop has had to borrow money to buy food to save the lives of vulnerable IDPs (internally displaced people, i.e. refugees in their own country). But both time and money are running out and the situation is only growing more dire. The UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) reported in January, “With as little as one-quarter of expected rainfall received, widespread drought conditions in the Horn of Africa have intensified since the failure of the October-December rains.”

Donate now to join the effort! ARDF is blessed to have trusted partners on the ground who can get aid to those who need it most. Also, we prayerfully ask you to fast one day a week during Lent to remember our brothers and sisters who are starving in South Sudan. If you have other ideas on how to get your church involved over Lent, we’d love to hear them.

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