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Sarah’s Story: Fighting a Crisis of Infant Mortality

Sarah is an Anglican Mother’s Union leader in Gambella, Ethiopia. In her village, most women give birth to an average of 9-11 children, but only 2-4 of them will survive past the age of 5. Almost all of these deaths are easily preventable. It is truly a crisis of infant mortality.


The Anglican church in Gambella is committed to saving these kids’ lives through simple training in hygiene, clean water, and sanitation. Women from the Mother’s Union come together for training, and then take what they learn back to the local church so that thousands more can benefit. Wendy, the woman responsible for the training told ARDF,

I wish you could have seen the tears in their eyes, the joy, the excitement: ‘you mean I can actually do something to make a difference?’ We just had a teaching session on clean water and the delight of the women was inexpressible. What a privilege to be part of that.”

But Anglicans in Gambella–one of the poorest regions in the world’s 13th poorest country–need financial support in order to implement and expand this life-saving program. This is why ARDF exists: To connect Anglicans in North America who desire to give with those in need around the world.

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