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Runners of Steel

The following article was originally published in the Pentecost 2015 issue of TRINITY, the magazine of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

“Runners of Steel” Raise Money for Education and Share the Love of Jesus

On May 3rd, Seventeen Local Anglicans Took on the Pittsburgh Marathon for The Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF).

By the Rev. Charles Treichler

As it turns out, Pittsburgh Anglicans love to run—and they can be pretty speedy too.


ARDF runners before the Pittsburgh Marathon.

On May 3rd, seventeen runners from three local parishes took to the streets as part of ARDF’s charity team. Runners from St. Stephen’s Church in Sewickley, South Side Anglican Church in Pittsburgh and St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Butler raised money to provide education for young women and girls around the world—especially in South Sudan where only 16% of women can read and write. Some donations will also help provide clean water in needy communities.

Ten team members took part in the marathon relay, while others ran the half marathon. One intrepid soul took on the entire 26.2 mile course (The Rev. Andrew DeFusco, who completed the race in just 3 hours and 36 minutes!).

“The Marathon is an exciting and accessible way to get young adults involved in world mission. Often international mission seems so overwhelming—so much need and so many projects,” said the Rev. Sean Norris of South Side Anglican Church. “But the Marathon makes things manageable for our young adult ministry—everyone runs a certain number of miles, raises a certain amount of money, and contributes significantly to an ARDF project.”

Now in its second year, ARDF’s marathon charity team has grown from only five members in 2014 raising a few hundred dollars, to seventeen runners this year and more than three thousand dollars in donations.

Taking part in the marathon allowed Anglicans in Pittsburgh to make a huge difference in the lives of individual women and girls around the world, without traveling overseas. It also provided the opportunity for churches to invite new members and/or non-members to be involved in a non-threatening way. Vitally, the team helped to raise awareness about the need for education and how to help through ARDF.

“The marathon program enhanced our ministry by giving us an easy way to invite some of our non-Christian friends to be involved in our church,” said Norris. “One of our neighbors ran a leg of the relay and was interested in hearing more about ARDF. On top of that, it inspired her to say that she was thinking of checking out our worship service for the first time!”

ARDF funds locally initiated, sustainable community development projects run by Anglican churches in the developing world that permanently transform lives and incorporate evangelism. We thank you all so much for your support, and we thank God for setting us free by his grace to love our neighbors in this way!

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please get in touch!

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