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UGANDA: Hospital Patients Receive Effective Care

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Project Overview

X-ray facility enables medical staff to diagnose and properly care for local residents

Lead Ministry: Amudat Church of Uganda Hospital
Timeline: 12 months
Anticipated lives impacted: 15,004
Ministry Focus: Holistic
Cost per beneficiary: $4.22
Total Amount Requested: $63,250



Amudat Church of Uganda Hospital is a private, not-for-profit institution established in 1957 by the Anglican Church of Uganda, Karamoja diocese. This 120-bed facility is located in the town of Amudat in the Karamoja region. The hospital serves a region with about 200,000 people who live on either side of the Uganda-Kenya border. Most are nomads moving from place to place in search of water, pasture and security for their animals. Amudat Hospital has a laboratory for diagnosis, research and training for medical students interested in tropical medicine, especially visceral leishmaniasis — a potentially fatal parasitic disease spread by sand fleas.


Although the hospital has become a leader in treatment for visceral leishmaniasis, the facility lacks adequate radiological diagnostic technology. The nearest X-ray services are more than 13 miles away and there is no established means of transportation to reach the location. Each year, approximately 30,000 people from the project area need X-ray services for chest infections, fractures and other concerns.


The Amudat Church of Uganda Hospital will purchase X-ray equipment and build an addition to the hospital to house it. The project includes training for the hospital staff who will operate the equipment and make diagnoses, as well as maintain the machinery.

Life Impact

Benefits 15,004 people, some in multiple ways:

15,000 patients will receive treatment and improve their health after being examined with new X-ray equipment*

4 members of the hospital staff will use the X-ray equipment to diagnose and treat patients after being trained to maintain and operate the equipment

* This figure is a conservative estimate and final results may be higher. Initial reporting from the hospital indicates that 30,000 patients will be treated with the X-ray equipment, based upon the last three years of patient data.

Project Design:

Amudat Church of Uganda Hospital staff will build a one-room addition that will house the new X-ray unit. The church will call upon community members to provide materials and labor, including the work of engineers and unskilled laborers. This provides manpower as well as temporary income for local families.

The X-ray equipment will be priced, purchased and installed upon completion of the addition. At least four hospital staff members will be trained to operate and maintain the equipment. The Amudat Church of Uganda Hospital will begin treating patients with this new equipment as part of the existing hospital protocol.

MEASURING IMPACT. Amudat Church of Uganda Hospital is highly experienced in maintaining patient records of examinations, diagnoses and treatment. They will keep similar records of those patients who receive X-ray services, helping to ensure the impact can be captured and reported.

How you can contribute:

  • For $1,250, you can train one person to operate and maintain the X-ray equipment.
  • For $30,000 you can buy the X-ray equipment that will be used to treat at least 15,000 people the first year.


You can read more about the project by viewing the full report here.


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