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MADAGASCAR: Safe Transportation Leads to Security

Completed Project

Impact Assessment:

Overal rating: Achieved

Projected number who benefit from reliable transportation and business: 15,000

Actual number who benefited from reliable transportation and business: 17,280

Full Impact Assessment (PDF): ARDF-0812-Anglican Diocese of Fianarantsoa-IA

In their own words:

“I am very impressed with this boat. As a new venture for our diocese, this project has given us an opportunity to expand our ministry in a sustainable way by raising our own revenues. I thank God for this gift because I foresee a situation where we will buy another boat in [the] future because of the goodwill we have witnessed from the traveling public in Fianarantsoa.” — Philipe Rakotondramasy, diocesan administrator, Diocese of Fianarantsoa


The island nation of Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique. Almost 80 percent of its people live in the countryside, where poverty is increasing and living conditions have steadily declined, especially in the areas of education, health, transportation and market access. The narrow strip of lowlands on the east coast is largely covered by dense rainforests, whereas the broader west coast landscape, once covered by dry deciduous forests, is now mostly open grasslands.

Madagascar’s waterways are unreliable and an expensive means of transportation. Tropical storms, poorly maintained boats and weak safety regulations have made boating dangerous with frequent accidents. An improved means of transportation was sought to address these issues and create a sustainable, income-generating enterprise for the Diocese of Fianarantsoa.

Through this project, the Anglican Diocese of Fianarantsoa purchased a 60-seat boat to transport people on the Pangalanes Canal, between two of Fianarantsoa’s districts — Mananjary and Nosy Varika. It has provided a reliable, commercial means of travel that reduced travel time and increased safety on the river. It also created incomegenerating opportunities for project beneficiaries, provided a salary for clergy and diocesan ministries, while also covering operating expenses.

The project achieved both benchmarks, earning a rating of “Achieved.”

Original Proposal: 

Diocese of Fianarantsoa — The island nation of Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique. Almost 80 percent of the people live in the countryside, where poverty is increasing and living conditions have steadily declined, particularly in terms of transportation, health, education and market access. The Anglican Diocese of Fianarantsoa will purchase a 60-seat boat and establish a commercial boating operation for the diocese. More than 1,440 people are expected to take the boat monthly to transport their farm products to market creating income-generating opportunities for the project beneficiaries and the Diocese of Fianarantsoa.

Lives Impacted: 1,440

Funds Needed: $72,439

Full Project Information (PDF):ARDF-Madagascar-Safe Transportation

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