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SOUTH SUDAN: Safe Drinking Water for Rural Populations

Completed Project

Impact Assessment: 

Overal rating: Achieved

Actual number of lives impacted: 15,000

Read full Impact Assessment: ARDF-0812-OloAreaDioceseMaridi-SouthSudan-IA

In Their Own Words: 

“This project has opened the mind of our community to understand their situations and also to use their local resources to meet their needs. I thank those who were involved and supported the water project because today, my people and I are safe because we are drinking clean water. It has reduced distances to go fetch water for most of the women and children in Olo Center. This project did not only [help eliminate] waterborne diseases, but it awakened our spirituality. Through this project our faith has been [revived] both spiritually and physically. Most of the people came to know the love of God and the work of the church.” — Godwill Hessin, community leader, Olo Area Maridi, South Sudan


Years of armed conflict and civil war with Sudan have had a profound social and economic impact on the people of South Sudan. Millions of South Sudanese died from conflict-related causes, including famine and disease. Continuing disputes with Sudan after South Sudan gained its independence in July 2011 and a lack of economic development are holding back South Sudan’s economy. It also has little infrastructure and the highest maternal mortality and female illiteracy rates in the world.

People in many of South Sudan’s villages lack access to safe drinking water. For the many South Sudanese who live near rivers or swamps, the water is not safe unless it is treated. In other parts of the country where the land is dry, water is scarce and some drilling projects have failed because the water table is too low. People need water in order to recover from years of war and displacement so they can grow their own food.

As part of the Anglican Church’s holistic ministry in South Sudan, the Diocese of Olo Area Maridi erected two deep water wells that helped meet the water needs of thousands of people in nearby communities. The boreholes improved the livelihood, hygiene and sanitation of these communities by letting thousands of people access reliable, safe drinking water. In addition to meeting people’s physical needs, the Church restored their spiritual needs through engagement with God’s Word.

The project, which reached at least 15,000 people, exceeded one goal and fell below expectations on a second one. It earned an overall rating of “Achieved.”

Safe Drinking Water for Rural Populations

Diocese of Olo Area Maridi – As part of the Anglican Church’s holistic ministry in South Sudan, the Diocese of Olo Area Maridi will erect two deep water wells that will help meet the water needs of thousands of people in nearby communities. Once installed, the boreholes will improve the livelihood, hygiene and sanitation of these communities by letting thousands of people access reliable, safe drinking water. The people will be discipled through the Church by restoring their physical and spiritual needs.

Lives Impacted: 15,000

Funds Needed: $50,400

Full Project Information (PDF): ARDF – South Sudan – Maridi – Drinking Water

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