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RWANDA: Walk with Rwanda

Current Project

Walk with Rwanda is Empowering the Anglican Church of Rwanda Through Financial Sustainability

Project Overview

Walk with Rwanda is a capital campaign working towards an expanded mission and financially sustainable future for the provincial office of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.

Timeline: Through 2019

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 1.1 million parishioners
Total Amount Requested: $2.1 million


With over 1.1 million members, the Anglican Church has a massive impact on the future of Rwanda through its evangelism, ministries and community development.  In a nation with high poverty rates, the church serves communities nationwide with essential services such as healthcare, nutrition, and education.  The provincial office provides crucial national strategy and coordination of 11 dioceses, representing 2,300 churches.  


Foreign funding from U.S. churches has been indispensable for the Provincial Office of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, providing for 80% of its operating budget in past years. In order to continue and to expand their ministries, the Church needs a dependable, independent income source.  Archbishop Rwaje seeks to create a financially self-sustaining Provincial Office, empowered to reach out and improve millions of lives throughout the country.


Walk with Rwanda is raising funds to build a commercial office and retail building in the business district of Kigali, the capital city.  The building will provide a steady rental income and a valuable asset for the province.  It will be developed and managed by Rwandan Anglican Capital Investments Ltd. (RACI), a wholly-owned company created by the Anglican Church of Rwanda for such investments. RACI seeks to create a long-term revenue stream, supporting the Church’s essential gospel and humanitarian work in Rwanda.

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